Ten Random Things

ive been tagged by michelle..

Ten Random Things

Instructions: You are to post 10 random things about you. No thinking so much on an item. Must be random and quickly written. Then tag 3 more people, and tell them they’ve been tagged. Copy + Paste this and replace the 10 things the previous poster posted. And…this is lame.

1. I love LOVE.
2. I miss my friends back in the Philippines.
3. I wanna dance.
4. My wishlist includes: Season 4 DVD of Charmed, plane ticket back to the Philippines and my own domain.
5. I’m planning to take up my Masters.
6. I’m currently happy with my life but sometimes I also feel empty.
7. In my bag: wallet, my organizer, house keys, celphone, pen, papers, a book im currently reading, mirror, Hard Rock Cafe pencil case
8. I wanna be with the one I love.
9. I am craving for something salty and spicy.
10. Currently at work, but instead of working, I’m answering this and wishing that I am just at home sleeping.

ok, now I tag raych, thea and marcq

back to work.. =)