Since the change was made on Facebook, I guess it is official. I am single, again.

Don’t ask me why. Because I’m not even sure why. Or, I take it back, I do know why, I just can’t believe it is over. No more phone calls, messages, Skype sessions. I don’t have my person anymore. I decided to let him go for some personal shizz that I can’t deal with. Damn it, I think I just did the whole “It’s me, not you” cliche. But it is true. I am the one having problems.

I feel lost, sad, shocked. I don’t know what to do. It’s just hard to go back to your normal day if that person is part of it for so long. How can you deal? How would I deal?

But I think this is better. I don’t know how, but I just feel it is. It’s not healthy anymore. Its unfair, especially for him.

I’m broken and the only person that can make this pain go away is gone. I pushed him away. Why do I do this?

Enough, I’m not making any sense anymore.

I still love him but.

Good bye 😦