dear November

I am liking you so far. First day of the month and I already moved cubes and started a new job. Change is always good, though I don’t really like it. I guess there are pros and cons to it, but I see more of the pros this time around.

I see this as a challenge, November. A challenge to myself that I can’t just be comfortable to whatever I have right now. I have to strive harder and start taking actions to whatever I want to happen. No need to be shy, I have to put myself out there. 

But I am scared. What if I fail? What if I am not cut for the job? All this negativity is eating me up right now. I know it’s bad, but just expecting the worst. I just wish I do good or just not disappoint anybody. I chose this, so I have to follow through. I got this. I hope.

Well, here goes, there’s no turning back now. Have to at least try. 🙂

Wish me luck, November. And please be good.