“IMPORTANT: There is a 72 hour delay in your exam result being revealed in myLearning. Within 72 hours your status should reveal: “One attempt remaining,” “Passed,” or “Attempts Exceeded.””

So I took an exam last Friday – to assess our group if we’ve learned anything about SAP during our month long bootcamp. I knew that we are taking a certification exam since Day 1 but since I sometimes do best when I cram, I reviewed the material Thursday night, after watching an episode of Glee.

We did review sessions on Wednesday which was just asking questions within our group and discussing the answers. I re-read the same text file maybe a few times even during lunch, 1 hour before the exam. You see the pattern here? I didn’t really “study”. I just listened and read the materials and hoped that somehow I will keep some information.

The exam is multiple choice which can be an advantage or disadvantage. Advantage would be that I just have to read the material and remember the concept/keywords and hope that those show up in the exam. Disadvantage would be, well, if I pick the wrong answer.

So exam time came and went. I think that was the longest 2 hours of my life. I am a fast test taker, if there is such a term. Only an hour gone, I am done with all 86 questions. I didn’t want to be the first one to finish, so I reviewed my answers, which I don’t normally do. After one guy finished, I waited for a few more minutes and I too submitted my answers.

After that, we have nothing to do but wait. I managed to make friends from the bootcamp that we all decided to get drinks at 3pm. 2 of the guys from our group already Passed the test, which is not fair, because there is a note that said that it’ll take 72 hours before we will know if we passed or if we should retake it. After a few drinks, I totally forgot about the test. Or at least I didn’t care.

Test was last Friday, after 2 days, I decided to check the site. Clicking the links, it finally got the screen where I would know my fate.



I almost took a screenshot.

Holy shizz. I passed my first programming exam. What. Heck. Yes.

Cramming never fails. 🙂