Could you give us a synopsis of the episode?


It’s a filler episode and not to be taken seriously, but even so the episode is just really bad. I mean this is comedy at it’s worst.. Not only is it offensive, but it’s in very bad taste. I mean you have a beyond TALENTED cast and they’re getting drunk with the Santa Claus from the mall. Meanwhile, ND is trying to win some tree contest and shocker, they win!

You don’t really miss much if you decide to not watch it except for a lot of secondhand embarrassment.

Exactly what I thought when I saw last night’s episode.

Had to keep in mind that this was shot last year when Marley and Jake were still together, Santana and Britney just broke up and Klaine weren’t back together. I usually download Christmas songs that Glee covers, but I don’t think I have any favorites this year. This is such a bad episode and this is coming from a certified Gleek like me. 

So disappointed. And then at the end of the episode, I found out that the next episode will be in February. I am so glad that they are making the 100th episode with all the Glee originals coming back!

Btw, it is just wrong to have a Virgin Mary say “Virgin Mary bitches”.