i’m with stupid

I feel so stupid right now. And you know what’s worst? I told you about it. I told you how I was jealous, how I got upset because you didn’t sit beside me. I felt stupid then, now I just want the ground to eat me alive. I don’t know why I told you, I guess I just can’t lie to you. You were asking if I am mad, if I got mad at you because of one incident. I told you no, and then that’s when I said what I shouldn’t have.

I hate being insecure. I don’t like when I am insecure. What the hell was I thinking? You told me to stop being a baby and your last reply was “That was why you were mad? Wow…” I feel like I’ve disappointed you. I prolly did. But I can’t help it. I can’t help being jealous dude. Fuck you.

Stupid stupid.

Whatever. Suppressing my feelings seemed to work before, so why aren’t they working now? I hate this.


I replied “just stop”. And all you said was, “just don’t be mad ok?”