16 of 365

16 of 365. Only One – BoA

멀어져만 가는 그대 you’re the only one
내가 사랑했던 것만큼 you’re the only one
아프고 아프지만 바보 같지만 good bye
다시 널 못 본다 해도 you’re the only one, only one


Been waking up with this empty feeling for a couple of days now. I hate it. I hate not talking to you. I hate the fact that I know I screwed this up. “I need to rethink about our friendship” Those words are still echoing, haunting me. I may actually lose you – and I don’t like it.

My heart feels empty. I guess that’s how it is when someone important in your life gets up and leave. You took a whole chunk and I feel lost.

But I guess this is how it is now. You won’t talk to me and I won’t be the persistent one constantly bugging you to give me attention. I will give you your space. That will give me space too.

I really wish this isn’t goodbye.