I created a Match.com account 9 days ago, out of boredom. But then I realized that even that is too much work for me. Talking to strangers, getting to know them. Winking, liking. Too much work. I don’t have time for that.

I did meet one guy from the site. He seemed nice but he’s got a girlfriend back in the Philippines. What’s up with that right? Oh well, he paid for dinner so it’s all good. I signed up for a month, and now I’ve decided not to renew. I was just trying so hard to find somebody. Just like what my friend told me, I have to learn to have fun on my own. Don’t anchor my happiness on other people but if I do, I have my family and friends that I can turn to.

Well, I have 3 weeks and a couple of days to use my account. Let’s see if I get to meet anybody by then. 🙂