I’m Here


So instead of watching About Time, I decided to watch this short film by Spike Jonze. 

I liked it, but I don’t know I felt sad, instead of feeling love. To what extent are we willing to give for the one we love. I guess we do give our all until we have nothing left for ourselves. But I don’t know, based on my experience, love shouldn’t be this way. We shouldn’t give our all. Relationships should be give and take. Both parties should benefit from it and I did not see this in the movie.

*Spoiler alert* The male robot literally gave his whole body to the girl robot when she got into an accident. And human nature, I know we all have this tendency – give our all. I know I have. In the end, he had nothing left but his head, but that made the male robot happy. He saved the female robot’s life. So now I’m asking myself, how far am I willing to go to sacrifice my life for the one I love. 


I don’t think I can figure out how love works. Yeah, I can’t.

So here’s the movie, in case you want to watch.