32 of 365

32 of 365. Loving You Is Easy – Ben Rector

1 cause you’re the only one for me
2 is you and I and I hope you agree
3 is for the words that you’re making me speak
I love you, it’s so easy,Ā 
it’s easy, it’s easy
it’s easy, oh loving you is easy

Well, it is officially the Love Month. So I will be posting 28 love songs that I like. šŸ™‚ I wouldn’t say that February is my favorite (October is) but I just like seeing people fall in love. I like the feeling, maybe a little too much that I end up forcing it to other people. But hey, this month is not about me, it is about the feeling of love, any forms of it. šŸ™‚

31 of 365

31 of 365. Don’t Make Me Believe – Charlene Kaye

If I fall, would you follow behind?Ā 
Would I want those roaming eyes for mine?Ā 
Tell me, if you were freeĀ 
Would desire still reach this degree?Ā 
Oh, babyĀ 

Don’t make me believeĀ 
If you don’t believe itĀ 
Don’t make me weepĀ 
If you ain’t worth keepingĀ 
Don’t hang me from the highest rungĀ 
If you never plan to come…Ā