i’m tired

of talking to you.

I feel like you are draining all of my energy. I just get annoyed with your inquiries. Why do you ask so much? “I’m just curious”, you said. Curious about what? It is none of your business. I don’t like the fact that you worry about me. I don’t need you to care. I don’t need you to ask anything. I don’t need your sympathy on the fact that maybe he’s not interested. Who cares? I don’t fucking care. You said you were just paranoid. About what? I hate you. I hate the fact that up until now, I still care of what you think. That I would go to you in case he wasn’t interested. I would go to you to console me. But not anymore. I don’t want anything to do with you.

And one more thing, fuck you for being a douche. I am not talking to you again asshole.