Instax Project

I’ve had this cork board since 2005. It was a project that I started when I moved here in the US. Feeling homesick and missing my friends, I decided to kill time and go through the pictures I have and made this – so in one glance, I can see all of my friends and keep the memories.Ā 

Today, I decided that I needed a change.Ā 

I recently purchased an Instax printer – I can print pictures from my phone and have them printed in an instax mini film. Genius right? I think so. I can just take pictures with my phone and right then and there print it. Oh technology.

So yeah, I cleared my cork board. It had been 10 years and I feel like I needed to change it. Of course I’ve kept the photographs, and the memories won’t die. I just think it is time to post and collect new ones. Sooo, with the help of my printer, I have started another project.

I’ve used up the film that I bought today (2 packs). I’ve also picked out some of the pictures that I will print out. So yeah, I have a long ways to go! I also need more film; I have a 5-pack instal mini film on its way! Can’t wait to fill this board with recent adventures. Ahhhhh, the possibilities!! šŸ™‚

Yep. I am actually excited! Time to move forward and make new memories. šŸ™‚