ain’t worried

Not sure if this is normal or not. Or maybe it hasn’t sinked in yet. The fact that you’ll be an hour away from me starting tomorrow. I can’t just text you and meet you for lunch or hangout after work. The usual 15 min. drive will now take an hour or so just for you to see me. Sigh. I can’t believe you are leaving.

But I don’t know, for some reason I am not worried. We both want this relationship to work so I know that we will do everything we can. I will definitely miss seeing your face but I know that I’ll be seeing you every weekend as much as possible. I know we will make this work. I am confident that it will. 🙂

I’m not sad. Well, maybe a little. I’ll miss holding your hand, your hugs and kisses. The way you make me laugh. I’ll miss everything.

I want us to work really bad. So gotta see you as much as I can. 🙂

I’m glad you feel the same. You know what, I feel OK. I know everything’s gonna be ok. 🙂