I saw Obvious Child last week.

I liked the movie, I thought it was funny and realistic. Not gonna lie, I can relate with the story, minus the abortion part. I think every girl who’s been dumped before will and can relate to this film. The whole process of moving on, how to get up and go on with your life after your significant other left you. There is really more to life than relationships and falling in love. I don’t know how humans are capable of loving over and over again after being hurt. I honestly don’t know how I am still capable of letting someone in my life that I know will end up leaving me. I mean, why bother right? Why even try?

Why do I even put effort to something that I know will end soon?

I guess that is human nature. We are such masochists that we try and make it work. Pain, only demands to be felt – according to TFIOS. We have to feel pain to grow, to learn and hopefully to not make the same mistakes. But again, we are human so we are bound to make the same mistakes we did. We are so stupid sometimes. I am stupid.

Anyways, I really loved the movie, on how the lead character just went on her life. She may have done things that I kinda hated her for (the whole abortion bit) but I think the whole story was good. 

So yep, life can be a bitch sometimes but we have to deal with it. 

currently cleaning my old records. the only disadvantage of buying old/used records is this. why would someone scratch their record? why would you not take care of it? i think i found another pet peeve. sigh.