i am humbled

Was talking to one of our project leads via chat and I was just humbled on what he said.

Francia, Carme [3:21 PM]:
cool 🙂
this is my 2nd project
and my 2nd time to do a go live
that is if i get extended hehe

Curtis, M. X. [3:21 PM]:
That is great for you
And I am really hoping they extend you. I know your name came up in a meeting we had last month and I said that it would be great for you to stay on the project but also come to SD and most people agreed with me

Francia, Carme [3:22 PM]:
that’s nice 🙂

Curtis, M. X. [3:23 PM]:
Well if you are going to deliver the top product you really need the top people and I think you are one of the top people

Francia, Carme [3:24 PM]:
i try my best

Curtis, M. X. [3:25 PM]:
You have done a good job and proved your worth

I have proved my worth. Sigh. I really should stop complaining about how my life sometimes blows because I am still blessed with what I have. Hearing/reading things like this about work, makes me feel happy. I guess I am doing something good that’s why they like me. Have to continue kicking butt then. 🙂

I really wish they’ll send me to San Diego even for just a week. That would be cool.

Count the blessings Mimay, never stop counting. 🙂