Summer and Tom

Because of this Thought Catalog article, I decided to watch (500) Days of Summer for the nth time.

I love this movie. I remember watching it in the theaters with my cousins back in 2009 when it was released. I had no idea what we were gonna watch but I already had a thing for JGL back then so I said why not. I loved the movie back then but I hated Summer’s character. First of all, how can you not love Joseph Gordon-Levitt? I mean come on, he is perfect! Haha. But yeah, I was going through the same thing that Tom’s character is going through so I was Team Tom all the way. After watching it in the theaters, I bought the DVD and I have it now in my iPod classic. It’s just one of those movies that I won’t get tired of watching.

This is the part when Summer didn’t believe in love and Tom is trying to convince her that she is missing out.

Fast forward to almost the end of the film, Summer is married and Tom is trying to figure out how that happened. Funny how people change. Life. 🙂

After watching the movie over and over again, I am now leaning towards Team Summer. Not all the way though, I still think that she was being unfair to Tom but Tom is also to blame here. He knew from the start that Summer didn’t want a relationship but he still hoped for something. Hope. I think that is what kills us sometimes – that small hope that there could be something else. I don’t see anything wrong with it, just have to be careful and ready to whatever the outcome could be.

Tom’s character lived in his expectations that reality easily kicked his butt. I think this is most of us right now. We expect something and when that moment is there and it doesn’t go our way, we blame life and get mad at everything. I’ve experienced this and looking back, there is nothing that I really could have done but learn from my mistakes.

(500) Days of Summer is definitely a must watch. I would recommend this to anybody who’s been in love, fallen out of love, looking to be in love or just confused and doesn’t know what he/she wants. I’ve learned a lot from this movie and I can say that I’m applying it to my reality. It doesn’t matter if you are Team Summer or Team Tom, as long as you go out there and find what your heart desires.

What. Haha.

Oh and btw, I got the Ringo Starr vinyl from the movie. How awesome is that.