Back to Black

So yep, I dyed my hair black again. I got tired of my fading red hair and decided I needed a change. No more redhead Mimay. I now have Oriental Black hair. That’s the name of the color, not even kidding.

I am actually very pleased with the result. I’ve never dyed my hair black before, I mean, why, my hair is naturally black anyways. So what made me decide to go back to black? Two things. (1) Getting tired of coloring my hair. Like what my friend would always say “Back to Basics”. I see this as a fresh start, blank canvas. Maybe I’ll decide to color my hair blue next time, but for right now, black it is. (2) I am meeting his family next week. I wanted to look nice for them and I think red hair wouldn’t impress them. So there, black.

I kinda missed my black hair too. I woke up this morning just staring at myself in the mirror. I look different. Very well-put. That someone will take me seriously. According to R, it made me look younger too. Ha, good then. šŸ™‚

I’ve been taking risks as of late and I like it. New hair, new adventures. I’m excited to know what’s in store for me. Bring it life, I’m ready.