Security Check

2 laptops, 2 carry on items? security check – less than 10 minutes. so proud of myself. all those international flights trained me.

and so it begins. 🙂 (at San Antonio International Airport)

I love this guy

R: What time are you leaving in the morning?
M: flight is at 5:45
R: So 4?
M: yup.
I’m checked in now.
R: Cool.
Your job sounds fun.
M: hehe, I like the perks.
and it’s good that I can do this now, while I’m single. 🙂
R: You’re not single! *insert puzzled emoticon*
M: you know what I mean.
not married.
*insert kiss emoticon*
no kids
R: I know lol
M: i love you *insert kiss emoticon*
R: Haha
M: haha
R: i love you too