It has been years since I last opened my Yahoo! email. And when I say years, it means it had been 8 years since I last had an active conversation and sent an email using my Yahoo! email address. This also holds true for my Yahoo! Messenger account. Before we even had Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media site where people talk online, Yahoo! Messenger was considered the bomb. 

I loved YM! As an active blogger back in the days, YM! served as a way for us bloggers to communicate outside of our blogs. And this is also one way to talk to my family and friends back home. I would just be online the whole day and wait for my friends to ping me. I would think of something witty to put as my status and it would change depending on my mood that moment so it was like Twitter for me. I would constantly talk to people and my YM account is always buzzing. And then suddenly, it just stopped. No more IMs, people started communicating more on Facebook or Twitter. None of my friends would be online and available to talk to. It did bug me at first and then I just stopped caring. I went on with my life and used other means of communication to talk to my friends.

Today, after 8 long years, I revived my YM! account. I was actually surprised to see 4 of my friends online. And wow, my name, haha. Well, I did create my Yahoo! account when I was in high school so that explains a lot. Should I message them? Nah. I don’t think they are really online. They probably have it set as available on their phones and forgot about it.

So there, Yahoo Messenger. Those were the days. So many conversations, friends made, confrontation with bullies and just memories made. Too bad everybody moved on to other things. I guess that is life, huh. But it is nice to look back and reminisce the past. Especially when you are able to tell yourself “Man, I remember when video chatting via Yahoo Messenger was a pain. I can’t believe I survived that”.