The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years.

I decided to download this movie so I’ll have something to watch while I was waiting for my flight. I love musicals and Anna Kendrick, so I said why not – not really knowing what it’s about. Opening scene is Anna’s character, singing about how she’s hurting while the guy prolly moved on. Oh crap, what. is. this. movie.

I loved the film, loved the music more. Story is very realistic. Two people can be in love and start having plans for the future but once reality hits, expectations are not met, forever may not be long enough to stay together. The film doesn’t go in sequence, like (500) Days of Summer. One scene will be when they first met, both in love, next thing you see is them fighting. I like the ending where Anna’s character is singing about goodbye, see you tomorrow, while the guy is singing about saying goodbye for good. You can see two different emotions in that one scene. Sad. Very sad movie.

This is not what I am expecting to write about. I guess sadness do trigger my muse in writing. Oh well. We can’t always be happy, right?

Welcome back to me.