Dear 27 year old Mimay

Dear 27-yr old Mimay,

I remember this picture. You were at Express, around Christmas time, looking for something to wear for a party. You got an outfit and a haircut. You always cut your hair when you’re heartbroken. This is the first time, in awhile, that you’ve cut your hair short. From then on, you’ve just cut it shorter, and won’t even let it grow past your shoulders. There is something with short hair that made you feel like a rebel.

You’ve always done something with your hair — cut it short, color it red, had bangs. You’ve tried just about everything and you seemed to like it. You’ve admired Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence because they can pull off a pixie and you wished that you can cut your hair that short too.

Remember that picture Mimay? You may look happy but we both know that you are hurting inside. Your relationship for 3 years just ended and you’re into this guy who is not into you at all. You wanted to cut your hair because we both know that that is the only thing you can control and that you’ll be happy with the result. I know you remember that day Mimay, you remember the pain.

Well, let me tell you this. You will have your happy ending. You will meet a wonderful person who you’ll soon spend the rest of your life with. It may take a while and a few wrong guys along the way but it’ll be worth it, he’ll be worth the wait.

Trust me on this. You’ll soon stick with your natural hair color, you won’t feel the need to get a haircut and you’ll have a reason to let it grow. You will appreciate what you look like because he does too. No more haircuts. No more heartbreaks. Because when you meet him, he’ll be the one.

xoxo. 🙂