Much needed update

There are just moments in our lives that you can’t document even though you want to. Or maybe I am just suffering writer’s block. I haven’t been able to write about my personal life in awhile. I mean, I post pictures but I feel so lazy writing. This is bad. But I am going to try to change that.

This is me trying to put into words how my life as a wife is so far.

Big change. It is a very big change. But it didn’t feel that way for me. I got married, moved cities, moved in with my husband, quit my job and started a new job, all within 2 weeks. Don’t get me started on the whole name change deal – I say this again, I am never going to change my name again, it is such a process. So yeah, all these changes can be overwhelming you would think, but I have been handling it like I’ve done this before.

I guess it helped (a lot) that my husband is someone that I can be comfortable with. So the whole adjustment period of living with each other wasn’t a very drastic one. Don’t get me wrong, we are still finding out little quirks about each other but I think we can both live with it. We both enjoy the same things – eating and watching tv/movies so we don’t have to plan to do something every single night. We’ve been like that since we started dating, very at ease with each other, so it was actually nice that we get to spend almost 24/7 with each other. I say almost 24/7 since we both work. I’ve been cooking too – which I thought will be a challenge for me since I didn’t cook while I was living with my parents, but it wasn’t that bad. I love my/our kitchen and it’s a nice feeling to see that somebody likes my cooking. Who knew I can do that, who knew.

Work. I am in my 2nd week in my new job and so far so good. I am enjoying the downtime, for now, since I know it’ll get crazy sooner or later. The people I work with seem nice and professional. I am happy to have this job – it was one of my main concerns when I found out that I am moving cities, that I won’t get a job right away. Looking back in July, when I started my job search, uggggh, so stressful.

So there. Quick update. Hopefully, I can do this more often. Maybe I can document how married life can be.