Old soul

Carme, you are an old soul.

That’s what my manager told me a few weeks ago after we started talking about typewriters and vinyl records. I told her how I wanted to own a typewriter and that I enjoy crate digging. I took that as a compliment – I like the sound of it, “old soul”.

It is just now that I did realize that I am an old soul. And I think that I am married to one too. While I am writing this blogpost, my husband is busy grading papers and we have some 40′s – 60′s music playing in the background. We both chose that playlist, because why not. We both love that style of music, it is relaxing and very catchy too. When we were still dating, we would go crate digging together – I actually got him to buy a record player (we own 2 record players). I think he is a better crate digger than me since he is always the one who will find good records that usually date as old as 1930s. We also both love Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Ahhhh, Frankie Valli – we bought tickets for his show in Austin this August. I can’t wait to hear him sing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” live. He also owns a film camera and he developed his own pictures. Yup, he had his own dark room when he was in college. That is pretty legit if you ask me. We also enjoy visiting museums and watching antique roadshow. Oh, we bought some of our furniture at a flea market – some old toy chest and an old tool box. I guess we just like old stuff.

I can now hear him sing along to “This Magic Moment”.

I used to be the first one to know about a song, a new tv show or movie. But that changed which I don’t mind at all. I never thought that I will enjoy all this. Especially the part where I can dance to some Elvis and sing along to Four Seasons.