How’s married life?

We’ve been married 4 months (going on to 5 this month) and I have been asked a few times “How’s married life?” Everytime I call my mom, that’s one of her questions “O kamusta ang buhay may asawa?” Some of my friends ask me that question too, “So how’s being married? Are you guys getting along?” Pretty much every question that can be asked in relation to being married. My answer to that is always “Good, happy. I like being married.” Or “It’s ok, nothing really changed since we started dating. We get along, so that’s good.” I do love being married. It is the greatest thing in the world, for me and Robert at least. We get to do stuff together and not worry about time since we live in the same place. We just love doing stuff together — eating out, watching a movie, watching TV, cooking so it was awesome for us.

But I admit, being married and living together, you will find some little quirk with your husband/wife. You can get annoyed by it but you just have to think that heck, I will be spending my entire life with this person, so I will have to live with this. And come on, you yourself have quirks too that your partner needs to live with right? Marriage is really a give and take relationship and it requires a lot of patience and making fun with/of each other and laughing together.

I saw this Huffington Post article about ‘26 Tweets That Will Make A Whole Lot Of Sense To Married People‘ and I can say that yep, those tweets definitely made sense! Most of the tweets are conversations about eating out, blaming your husband/wife about broken stuff in your house and agreeing to not sleep in a comfortable position again for the rest of your life. I sleep between my husband and our dog, so I complete agree on that. I find the article hilarious and I kept on nodding in agreement as I read through the tweets.

To further prove that being married do require a lot of patience and sense of humor, this is a conversation that my husband and I had this week. A little backstory: He gets up in the morning to walk our dog, this conversation happened after they got back from the morning walk.

Robert: I just saw our neighbor start his wife’s car, drove it up by the stairs and waited for her.
Me: Aww, that is so sweet. How come you..
Robert: How come you never do that for me?
Me: ……..

Another one. We always have this conversation about where or what to eat.

Robert: What do you want to eat?
Me: It’s up to you, I don’t care.
Robert: You decide babe. You pick the place.
Me: I want Korean.
Robert: That’s a far drive.
Me: Well, that’s what I want, you pick then.
Robert: No you pick. Pick somewhere that you like, that I also like.


I love being married. I have somebody that I can do anything with. Somebody genuinely wants to know how my day went. I have somebody to cook for and like it. Somebody who is fun to be and that I don’t mind spending the whole day with.

Married life is pretty awesome. 🙂

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