Goodbye EC. Hello Midori.

After 2 days of researching about planners, I finally did it — I finally purchased a Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

It wasn’t an easy decision for me since I already have an Erin Condren planner that I’ve been using since January. I normally stick with one planner for the whole year and then around November, I’ll start looking at options for another planner. But this time it’s different. I started reading about Bullet Journals and the idea seems great but very foreign for me. I need a whole page so I can write down everything that’s going on my daily life. I am more of a “feelings” type of person than a very detailed, bullets type of person. So reading about people using bullet journals, I was challenged and it looked interesting for me.

Honestly, I tried starting a bullet journal a few months ago. I bought a grid journal, started writing on it, but didn’t really got that far.  So that’s that. I stopped reading about bullet journals and decided to stick with my current planner.

But then. Of course, I didn’t really stop. This is when I started watching videos about the Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

Traveler’s notebook looked so complicated at first. I didn’t understand how I have to buy all these things — the starter kit, refills and accessories. I watched a bunch of Youtube videos on how folks customized their traveler’s notebook and I was amazed on how easy it was and how you pretty much can do whatever you want with your notebook. You can put stickers, kraft folders, sticker pockets — the possibilities are endless. It is up to you on how you want your notebook to look like. This is what drew me and I ended up buying one even though it is already mid of 2016.


Here’s another reason why I decided to switch from my EC planner to Midori. Days would pass, heck, a week even passed and I completely forgot to write on my planner. So I ended up spending time just remembering what I did for the whole week. I realized that, specially now that I am married, my days are pretty much the same. I’ll write about work, what I ate for lunch, dinner if we ate out and then watched tv or movie. There are some days that some event is going on or I have to remember important details but it is not that often. It’s not that nothing special is happening in my life right now, its just I am participating more that I don’t have time to write on my planner.

Midori is very minimalist. Because the pages are blank, I can write whenever I feel like it and whatever I want on it. I don’t feel restricted and forced to write something on a specific day. I can go a few days without writing or I can just write a list or whatever. I can choose what kind of paper to use and because they are refills, I can just buy the refill and keep the same binder. Ahhhhh, I love that idea.


A planner is a planner, so I am hoping that this would work with my current needs. So I am saying thank you and goodbye to my EC planner and saying hello to Midori. I am excited to personalized my notebook, oh the things that I can do with it!

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