Baby Let’s Cruise


Because of summer break, Robert and I planned to go on a cruise. I’ve never been on a cruise before, so I have no idea what to expect. Good thing, Robert has been on a couple so he told me of what we can do during the trip. After doing some research, we booked a Carnival Liberty 5-day cruise to the Caribbean, with stops in Cozumel and Progreso.

We drove to Galveston, TX where the Carnival port is. But before heading to Galveston, we decided to stop in Houston to spend the night and visit his brother and wife. While we were there, we had dinner at Jollibee. I was so happy that he got to try Jollibee and liked the food. From watching Pinoy movies, learning Tagalog words, to eating Jollibee, he is becoming a certified Pinoy.

Anyways, we left Galveston around 4pm in the afternoon and according to our ship schedule, we will have Fun Day in the Sea for 2 days. Fun day in the Sea means buffet and non-stop entertainment around the ship.

We went to a standup comedy almost every night, played BINGO and listened to live music all around the ship. We just sat there, not worrying about work or anything else. We didn’t get hungry either. They had buffet (for breakfast and lunch), pizza, hamburgers, asian food, ice cream. We also got a little fancy one night — we made reservations at the Diamond Steakhouse where we had steak and lobster.

After 2 fun days at sea, we finally reached one of the stops, Progreso, Mexico.

This is my first time in Mexico and my first impression is that it looked a lot like a “probinsya” in the Philippines. It reminded me of my dad’s hometown in Quezon. Robert and I signed up for a Scenic and Foodie Tour, since we both love to take pictures and eat food. We we went to the first bakery ever opened in Merida and had samples of the sweet bread. We also went inside a Merida Cathedral and learned a lot of history behind it. I learned about the Mayan culture and ate some good food. We had fun during the tour but it was so hot that we can’t wait to go back to the ship.

Another stop that we made was in Cozumel Island.

We didn’t sign up for any excursion during our stay in Cozumel. We decided to just walk around and go to the downtown area where we had lunch and looked at shops. We also went to a Starbucks, where we stayed for a bit to connect to their wifi, lol. We didn’t have any wifi while we were in the ship. We bought some souvenirs and walked around the square until we decided to go back to the ship.

The last day of the cruise was spent with more entertainment around the ship. I love the fact that they have different activities everyday that I didn’t really feel like I am in a ship, crossing the Gulf of Mexico. I was surprised that I didn’t get seasick as well.

Another thing that I really loved about the cruise was the towel animals! We got a different one everyday!

All in all, it was a fun experience, I will definitely go on a cruise again!