On Becoming A Dog Parent


If I can travel back in time, talk to my 20-year old self and tell her that when she turns 31, she’ll be married and have 2 dogs, my younger past self will probably laugh at me and think that I am out of my mind. First of all, when I was 20, I had this plan of getting married at the age of 25 and having my life figured out. My future included a husband, 2 kids and a good paying job. Dogs, however, are not part of my plan, at all — and I have a good enough reason for that.


When I started dating Robert, I knew that he owned a dog, her name is Allie. A few weeks into dating, he got another dog and named her Carlie. I didn’t question him why he got another dog. Clearly, one dog is enough right? I never understood dog people in general — like why or how would you treat your own dog like your own kid. I feel like it is not the same. Dogs don’t need clothes or toys. You can leave them in the cage and go on your daily routine. You just have to feed them, take them out to do their business and take them to the park once in awhile. I never had a pet growing up, so I never had the sense of responsibility in that sense — that you have to take care of somebody aside from yourself.

When Robert proposed, it became apparent that I, too, will have to take care of his dogs. The dogs IMG_2141will now be my dogs too. I remember Robert telling me that the morning before he proposed, he talked to both his dogs and told them that he will get them a Mom that day. I think I cried after hearing that. I know how important his dogs are for him, so the fact that he told them that makes the moment even more special. I am going to be their mom. Yep, this is happening.

We’ve been married for 8 months now and I think I am slowly becoming a dog parent. I started realizing this when I showed Robert my phone and telling him how
I have a bunch of dog pictures. Every time I get home from work, I spend a good 30 minutes playing with them and ends up asking what they did the whole day when in fact they were just inside their cage. I now know that they love massages and cuddles. They pretty much took over our couch and loves watching TV with us. I love teasing and asking them if they want to go for a walk. I laugh at how they both respond to that question. It doesn’t matter if they are both sleepy, if they hear the word walk, their heads both pop-up and tails start to wag.

I also had this hard rule of no dogs will enter our room or jump on the bed but we currently sleep with both of dogs and they keep us warm at night. I don’t mind the fact that they sleep on top of my leg or they walk on top of me. They are like little kids who like to get your attention.


From being afraid of dogs since I was a kid — because I got bitten twice, to being a dog parent, I honestly think it was impossible. I now understand dog parents like me. Dogs are such lovable animals and they are good stress reliever too. Life does have a funny way of making people face their fears, and I think this is how mine was supposed to be presented.

So I guess my response to my 20-year old self is, I am not out of my mind, just go with the flow and never say never.