Image Credits: theAwkwardYeti.com

This comic definitely hit home. I remember the time when I can buy anything that I want/can and not worry about it too much. I can travel whenever I want. As long as I have a job and paid time off, I am good. I didn’t have to think about anybody else when it comes to spending money. This is my hard-earned money, so I can do whatever I want with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I was still very responsible. I may have the luxury of buying whatever I want but I still made sure that my bills are paid before I do. I also tried to save as much as I can every month – which was something that I kinda wished I did sooner. But at that time, I lived in the now, yup that is my excuse, lol. My brain and heart are both in the same page. I worked hard so I deserved a little pampering here and there. Even if that pampering will cost me $200 something. At least I got a matching purse and wallet and the best thing was it was on sale!

One very big adjustment for me when I got married was the fact that MY money is now part of OUR money. When I married Robert, we decided to have a joint bank account. It is just easier, for us, to manage one account. One account to put our money in, one account to pay off bills, buy groceries, and everything else. So far, it has been working perfect for us and I think we are going to keep our finances in one big pot.

Now that we are married, we still try to find a good balance between being a responsible adult and splurging because we deserve it. I think he is more thrifty than I am. He has more control when it comes to money, he is definitely the one who takes care of the finances but he still values my input. Robert tutors 2x a week so we have extra fun money that we can spend. Most of the time, we use that money to eat out when we are being lazy to make dinner or there are also times when we use it for gas money and to buy groceries. It is all about the balance. We paid our bills and planned our Wedding Anniversary/Birthdays trip in October. Balance.

Like I said, the feels on the comic is real. Adulting is also real. I got paid today, so I paid my bills. It is also the weekend, so we’ll try to do something fun. We have to buy groceries too. My heart and brain are trying to be in the same page. Just have to learn how to compromise.