Day One

A month ago, I wrote about how I switched from my Erin Condren planner to a Midori Traveler’s Notebook. I got so excited to use my traveler’s notebook and try Bullet Journaling. I wrote on my journal everyday — I would use legends/symbols on my daily entries and it even came to a point that I enjoyed writing again. I also liked the fact that my journal is smaller than my old planner, so I can take it wherever I go. I thought I was doing good. I thought that having free reign and not having a structured template will be effective for me but I was wrong. A week has past and I completely forgot to write on my journal. Forget is not what happened really. I was just too tired and lazy. There I said it. I am to busy participating in real life that I don’t bother writing about my day anymore.

So yeah, I have a month old notebook that I haven’t touched since last week. I was so disappointed with myself. From 2000-early 2016, I have been good with keeping up with my journal. I had the gusto of writing down my feelings on a piece of paper. But now, meh. I don’t feel like it. I didn’t care about writing down how my day went. It felt like a chore for me which is not good. When was writing ever a chore for me? Uhh, never.

So I had to do something about it. If I can’t write on my journal, there has to be an alternative right? Since phones nowadays can do everything, even catch Pokemon, I searched for an app that I could use. Journal apps are prolly a thing right? Yep. There’s a bunch of free ones but if I really want something that would work, I have to pay for it — $5 to be exact. I decided to get Day One Journal a try. After reading about it, I figured paying is worth it. Since I have my phone at all times, I can write whenever. I can take pictures and save links. It is very convenient. I don’t have any excuse of not writing because I have my phone AT ALL TIMES.

It has been a week since I downloaded the app and I give it 5 stars. The app keeps me organized and I am slowly going back to my writing groove. I also found out that there is a Mac version, so I downloaded that as well. I can sync my entries between my iPhone and Macbook. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I think I found something that works. I just hope this one sticks and I won’t get tired of it. We’ll see.