What is Love?

If you asked me that question 2 or 3 years ago, my reply would be ‘Love is something that two people should be fighting for.’ I also have this mentally that if I don’t fight or argue with you, it means I don’t care or love you anymore. This holds true with my past relationships. I always felt that it is me and my significant other against the world. That our love will win and prove to everybody that we are meant to be together. That in the end, we will have our happy ending and that everything will be perfect.

I was so naive at that time. Thinking that love is enough. I was in a long distance relationship for a long time and I kept on thinking that it will work. That we will soon be together. get married and have our own family. That nothing else matters, not even distance, because we love each other. Because we have love. I was so consumed by the thought of a happy ending that I forgot how unhappy I was. I tried to hold on to the relationship until it broke me. I was so lost because the only thing that I thought was permanent is now gone. All the promises, all the plans, gone just like that. We’ve fought for our love but it became apparent that distance killed us slowly.

If you ask what love for me is right now, I’ll tell you that it is learning everything about your significant other and being open-minded. If you are with the right person, everything falls into place. I never had to fight with anybody just to prove that we should be together. I never felt the stress and pressure to please anybody. Now love for me is discussing about who drives to where, buying groceries together, taking care of each other when one is sick, making meals for 2. Love is not just a fantasy that makes my heart skip when he posts something sweet online. Love is action, when he cooks you dinner and cleans your car.

Also, love doesn’t have a happy ending, because it doesn’t end.