The Case of the Buttermilk Biscuit

It was 7am, I was still half asleep when I heard a loud *pop*. This is why I don’t like watching horror flicks. All I can think of is there’s somebody waiting outside of our room, ready to attack. I am by myself in the apartment because Robert had to chaperone for a school competition. I can just ignore what I heard right? It could be nothing. I can pretend that I was still sleeping and I didn’t hear it. But I heard it loud and clear so before I know it, I got up and walked out of our bedroom to check on what might have caused that sound.

It was all clear, nobody was outside our room, ready to pounce at me. I walked around the apartment, trying to look for anything that was out of the ordinary. Everything looks the same, nothing out of place. The birds started chirping so I told them “Good Morning”. Yes, I talk to our birds. I checked the kitchen, living room, sun room. Nothing. Lastly, I checked the bathroom, there were a couple of times that the shelving fell that caused a loud sound but the shelving is all intact.

Well, there goes my investigation, I told myself. Short and sweet. Nothing happened, it might have been with the neighbors. I was telling myself this, convincing that the sound I heard didn’t happened inside our apartment, which I know it did. I texted Robert about the incident. I know he can’t do anything, but I just wanted to let him know in case something happens to me. I went on doing chores around the house, vacuumed, did some laundry, put away dishes and started cooking Chicken and Dumplings.

I was done chopping the onions, read the recipe and it said to combine chicken broth, celery soup and chicken soup in the slow cooker. I opened our kitchen cabinet to get the ingredients and that’s when I saw the culprit.


The buttermilk biscuits that I was supposed to use for my Chicken and Dumplings popped. The dough was all over the canned goods, cornstarch and a couple of tomato sauce bottles. When I saw what happened, I can’t help but laugh. This was what the loud sound was, so I wasn’t going bonkers at all. I cleaned up the cabinet, took a picture and sent it to Robert.

Mimay: This was the loud noise that I heard earlier. Ugh, need it for the dumplings. I’ll buy some today.

R: Lol. I left one day and you exploded the biscuits.

Ha. Good one. True, I was left alone for the first time and the biscuits pop, lol. I finished mixing the chicken recipe, and set the slow cooker to Low for 6 hours. Good thing the I don’t need the biscuits until later.

My day went by smoothly after my biscuit scare. Not bad for being by myself. The loud noise was no longer a mystery and now I have to go to HEB to get some biscuits for dinner.

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