No Doubt

He’s the first person I see in the morning.
The last person I talk to before going to bed.

One who makes me laugh when I had a rough day.
His jokes are sometimes annoying.

He makes fun of me when I cry while watching animation.
But he would never make me cry, not intentionally at least.

He knows my moods, which my dad warned him.
He is very patient
But lets me shower first because I take too long to get ready.

He spoils me.
At the same time, considers himself lucky to marry me.

We both love to eat.
We consider this as a hobby.
We work out together and “try” to eat healthy.

He gives advice.
Even though I am not asking for one.

He is a good person to bounce ideas with.
And I won’t get tired of talking to him.

He is my rock.
My hero.
My everything.

There’s no doubt in my mind that he is the one for me.

This is my entry for the Daily Post Prompt: Doubt

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