Time to Move!


This is what our apartment looks like – empty walls, empty shelves and pile of boxes on the side. We are trying to box up all the things we’ve accumulated during our 1 year and 6 months of marriage. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. Robert is a pro in moving so he knew what to do and the stuff we need. I, on the other hand, doesn’t like moving. I moved from San Antonio to Austin but with the stuff I have, it didn’t require boxes. A few luggage bags, I am good.

We have another 10 empty boxes to use. We still have the kitchen to pack, we packed most of the stuff that we don’t use, but we kept a few plates and mugs to use. Pots and pans too and his coffee maker. We haven’t even started on the bathroom and our bedroom, but those are just towels and small stuff so we can pack that the last day before our move. Oh and clothes too. The list goes on.

This is a lot of work but we are both excited on what’s gonna happen on this next chapter of our lives. We recently purchased a house and if this goes through with no more hiccups, we officially move in 2 weeks. Heck yes. This whole process of looking for a house is such an experience. I might write a blog post about it once we’ve settled and emptied each single box. We’ve learned a lot especially since we were both new homeowners. So many things to consider and plan but it is all worth it once done. House buying is way up there in the list of #adulting.

So yeah, there’s gonna be more packing during the next few days. It’s tiring but worth it. We can’t wait until this move is over and we can finally settle in the house and make it our home. 🙂