This is how we spent Memorial Day

Robert and I had a 3-day weekend because of Memorial Day.

We already had a busy Friday, hanging out with his co-workers and Saturday was spent with my family and we watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Sunday, we decided was our day to relax which worked out perfect since we had that storm come in so we were forced to stay in the house. Then Monday came. We are running out of ideas to do. We were just lounging around the house when I finally decided that we have to go out and do something. We thought of where to go, after an hour we are driving to Lowe’s to (maybe) get a tree.

This tree idea came up after we got married and decided that we will get a house with a yard in the future. Robert wanted to plant a tree for our wedding anniversaries and other special occasions. When we got our house, he started researching about what kind of tree we will get and how to plant it. We even thought of hiring tree people in case we can’t tackle this project on our own. I liked that idea. Planting a tree to commemorate all the special events during our lifetime.

So we were at Lowe’s, looking at trees. So many different kinds — shade, flowering, fruit-bearing. We decided to go with a shade tree since we both wanted a big tree in our backyard. After looking at a few options, we picked a Shumard Oak. It looked pretty on the picture and the leaves will turn red which we both liked. We also got a couple bags of fertilizer and mulch. We grabbed a plant stake kit and shovel. We looked like we knew what we are doing when we were about to pay. Robert knew (I think), I was just here for the ride, lol.

We got home, put all the stuff in the backyard and we spent almost an hour figuring out where this tree will go. It got tricky because of all the pipes around our yard for our sprinkler system. We finally picked a place for the tree, so Robert started digging. The first stop didn’t work out well, since Robert dug into the sprinkler pipes. This is what we are trying to avoid and yet, we got it the first try, lol. We decided to move the spot a little further up, and hoped for the best.

img_5428img_0834A lot of digging and less than an hour later, we have a tree planted. We used up all the soil/fertilizer and mulch. We also used the stake kit to keep the tree straight.

I think we did a pretty good job. Robert did all the work but he said that I helped. Carlie helped too.

We are really happy on how this turned out. We can’t wait to watch this tree grow taller and wait until the leaves turn red. This is a first of many trees that we are planning to plant. I think we’ll plant an apple tree after our vacation.