That Time We went to Singapore and the Philippines (Part 1)

It was September of last year that we’ve decided to go to the Philippines. We’ve been going back and forth if we should push through with our plans to visit. After much research, an ANA airline, $1300+ roundtrip ticket (for both of us) from Houston to Singapore sealed the deal. This worked out perfect since Robert wanted to visit another country while we are in Asia, so Singapore was the best option for us. I’ve never been so it would be nice to explore a new country.

After months of planning, buying airfare, and booking hotels, the day has come. We decided to fly to Houston from Austin, so we don’t have to drive coming back. The first leg is a 14-hour flight from Houston to Narita. We had an hour layover in Japan, then a 7-hour flight to Singapore. We were so tired by the time we got to Narita, that we didn’t even walk around the airport, we just stayed at our gate.

It was close to midnight when we arrived in Singapore. I’ve heard that Changi Airport is the best in the world and I can say that’s true. We had dinner with my cousin and we headed to her apartment after. It is ALWAYS a plus if you have family or friends who live in the area that you are visiting. Free lodging and an awesome tour guide? Can’t beat that.

Day One in Singapore was pretty packed. We had breakfast at one of the Hawker stations near my cousin’s apartment before heading out to explore. We went to Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, walked along Orchard Road and had dinner at Makansutra Glutton’s Bay. We also got to see the Merlion where we spent 30 minutes taking pictures of the Merlion and the area.

Day 2, we went to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Technically, we’ve been to 3 countries during this trip, since we got a stamp on our passport, which Robert was so excited about. We spent half of our day walking around and eating. We went to Nando’s and had Bingsu for dessert. After we had dessert, we went back to Singapore and headed to Sentosa. Another busy day on the books.

Day 3, we ventured on our own. We went to Little India where they have the best Chicken Biryani. It was good, don’t know if it was the best. We also went to Mustafa Centre. Anthony Bourdain featured the Mustafa Centre when we had a layover in Singapore, and that’s why we decided to go. I was overwhelmed with all the things that you can find in that place. We capped off our night with a dinner with some of my good college friends.

Unfortunately, we only had 3 days to explore Singapore. Our flight to Manila was that afternoon so we decided to go straight to the airport. It was a fun experience going to Singapore, food was good, very clean and MRT was very reliable. It was also nice to see my cousins and catch up with college friends. I would definitely go back to visit, maybe we’ll stay a bit longer.

I didn’t think that my post about Singapore is going to be this long, so I’ll have to do another post about our Philippines trip next time. 🙂