Day 1: Doctor visit and Medication

I had my doctor’s appointment today. I was still a bit hesitant to go see and talk to her about my situation but I really think that this will help me. I’ve been very sad these past few days that I’ve lost energy to do anything. I am always tired and sleeping so much that I can stay in bed the whole day. I dread going to work and I have anxiety attacks just thinking about it.

I like my doctor. She’s kind and I can tell that she cares. This is one hesitation that I had about talking about my situation — how would I know that people actually care about what I am going through? With her, she’s very nice and gentle, careful with asking questions and willing to help.

I filled out a form with questions to help them gauge my mood within the last 2 weeks. I’ve filled out a form like that before and I’ve always just dismissed the questions. But this time around, it was different. Almost all of the questions applied to me. Not good.

After that, the doctor came in asking how I’m doing and why am I feeling the way I am feeling right now. I haven’t even started to say any word, I started crying, then I told my story.

Accepting the fact that I have depression and anxiety is hard. But after talking to my doctor, I felt fine. I was able to let it all out and not feel judged. She gave me a few options of what to do for the next 6 months.


2 medications for the next 6 months. One for depression and one for anxiety. She also advised me to meditate and exercise. She has put a referral for the psychology department of the hospital that she works in. I should hear back from them within the next few days.

Just like what Robert told me, I will get better because I have a plan. I may still feel blah at work but at least I am doing something to make my situation better.

This is day 1 and this is my journey.