Day 7: Update

I can’t believe it has been a week.

The first few days were rough. The medication started kicking in and I noticed, for the first 2 days that I would start shaking for no reason. I would be holding my phone to text and I can see my thumb shaking. I felt very anxious too, like I can’t sit still. I have a desk job so I have to sit 8 hours a day.

I decided to try meditation. I started reading about it and found a few Youtube videos that I can listen to while at work to calm me down. They are hour long videos so I can leave it playing while I work. I also started getting up, taking breaks and going outside. I noticed that doing so helped me focus on something else and not be anxious with work.

After two days of taking my anxiety medicine, I decided to stop. This was causing  my hands to shake and I don’t want that. Good thing that my doctor said that it is “take as needed” drug, so I don’t have to take it everyday. I told her about my decision and she was ok with it.

It was Labor Day weekend so we spent it with family and watched a lot of football. It was a good break for me to not think about work and hang out with the whole family. I felt fine this whole weekend, I did some meditation if I could and took my medicine. I don’t feel any dizziness or headaches which is good. No shaking as well.

Day 7 and I feel ok. I am back at work today. I feel a little nervous but I don’t know why. We’ll see how this day goes. More meditation music.