Day 16: Thanks The Awkward Yeti

I am doing my morning Facebook scrolling when I saw this image by The Awkward Yeti. For somebody who’s dealing with depression and anxiety, this picture spoke to me. It served as my Thursday wake up call – “Carme, life is not bad, you just have to look at the good things that’s happening”.


I am very much guilty of looking and concentrating on the bad things that’s been happening instead of enjoying what life has in store for me. I tend to overthink about situations that it tends to cloud my perspective on things. I don’t like the work environment that I am in right now. That’s what’s causing my anxiety attacks. I much prefer focus on this than the fact that I enjoy the work itself.

After thinking it through, I can’t really complain about my life right now. The good ALWAYS out weighs the bad — and I have to have that mindset. I have a loving husband, 2 amazing dogs, supportive family and friends. A roof under my head and we won’t get hungry. Life is good and yet, I focus on the bad.

It is all in how we see things. This comic is very helpful with what I am going through in life right now.

Thank you so much The Awkward Yeti.