That Time We Went to Singapore and the Philippines (PART 2)

*Part 1 of our Singapore-Philippines trip is here*

We arrived on a Sunday. There was a line in the immigration but it wasn’t that bad. After immigration, we were greeted by a sea of people holding signs, waiting for their loved ones. I didn’t get to text my cousin since I can’t connect to the airport wifi, all I know is that they are waiting for us. After a few minutes of walking around, I saw my cousin and niece. That was when it finally sunk in, we are really in Manila.

When Robert would ask me about the weather in the Philippines, I would tell him that it is way hotter in Manila than Austin. Humidity is bad too. Well, he proved me wrong. He didn’t complain about the heat or humidity during our whole stay. It sounds funny how I am the one who ended up sweating the whole time and he felt comfortable. Good for him.

I think Robert didn’t realize how many friends and family members I have that we had to meet a different group for lunch and dinner, every day. He might have been overwhelmed with the whole experience but he was a good sport about it and wanted to meet everybody.

One item on my list that Robert needs to go visit is the house that I grew up in. We decided to go there before heading to lunch with my cousin. I can’t describe the feeling once we were in front of the house. It was so surreal — Robert is there, with me. He’s heard a lot of stories about that house and I was so happy that he got to be there and see it. We took a couple of pictures, said hi to our neighbors and headed home. It was a short but sweet visit.

We spent 2 weeks in the Philippines, ate Jollibee and Taco Bell since Robert missed Mexican food. He said that Taco Bell is better in the Philippines, I thought it was the same taste, lol. From meeting friends, to knowing a little bit of Philippine history, and then spending a day at a resort with my aunts and cousins — our trip was so worth it and we have so many memories that we will treasure.

Oh yeah, he got to ride the Jeepney, of course. 🙂


We’ve talked about visit again in a few years, we definitely had fun during our visit. Hopefully, we can stay a little bit longer next time. 🙂