We got a new dog!

If you don’t know this already, we have 2 dogs, a rabbit, and 2 parakeets. I like animals but I never grew up having a pet. Robert, on the other hand, grew up around animals.

During our house hunting, one of our must have is a good size backyard – where our dogs can run around and we can hang out with them. We were lucky enough that the house that we loved has it. So every morning, we just let the dogs out, do their business, while we get ready for work.

Ever since we got the house, we’ve been looking into getting another dog. Like two dogs are not enough, right? We spent months going to different shelters but to our disappointment, we didn’t connect with any of the dogs that we visited. There was even one day that we went to 4 different shelters around Austin and Georgetown areas, but we got our rabbit, Snowball instead.

Last weekend, they had a big adoption event – 2017 Austin Strut Your Mutt and Texas Super Adoption at the Walter E. Long Park. I told Robert about the event days before but we never really planned on going. The day of the adoption event, we ended up driving downtown early enough that we decided to go check out the event. We’ve agreed that we’ll look but we don’t plan on adopting. That’s what I thought.

We were there bright and early at 7:30 am. The event doesn’t start until 8 am, so the different shelters were still setting up. We got to walk around the event grounds, people just thought that were volunteers. We got to see different dogs as they were brought in.

There was a particular one that caught my attention. Her name is June and she’s a 1-year-old Labrador mix. She was very quiet in her cage, she wasn’t barking even though there were a lot of dogs around her. She looks like she’s very calm, which we are looking for our future dog. I told Robert and we stood right by her cage, waiting for somebody to assist us so we can walk her. We were there at 7:30 am and I think by 8-ish, we were signing paperwork and talking to the person in charge of the shelter about June’s vaccination history and all the other details.

June was rescued from a shelter in Gonzales, Texas. The shelter got flooded because of Harvey. The shelter folks can’t get to the dogs to rescue them, that they had to throw in dog food for 3 days. As soon as the water receded, they took her to the Paws Shelter of Central Texas in Kyle. Then that morning, she was taken to Austin for the event.

Our dog’s story is cooler than yours, lol.


The first 100 adoptions on the event were free and we were the first adoption of the day. How cool was that?! Even if we have to pay for June, we would.


We absolutely love her! It’s been 5 days since we adopted her and we can already see her personality. She and the other dogs are slowly getting along, but we know that it’ll get better once they all get used to each other.

So yeah, we have a new member in our family. Meet June, everybody.


Since I have that Instagram account for Allie and Carlie, I had to change it and add June. If you have an Instagram account, follow june_allie_carlie to see our dogs’ adventures.

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