Day 35: Hello October

It is finally October.

I had my 1 month follow up appointment with our family doctor. My depression and anxiety scores went down from my last appointment and my doctor is really happy with my progress. She had confidence that I will get better and I am in that path. She decided to keep my medication dosage, since it is working well with me. She said to see her again after 3 months. I have to remember to make that appointment.

It is October 3rd and this is the first time in a few months that I felt normal. I am glad that the medicine is working for me and I am not having some bad side effects from it. *knocks on wood* My siblings decided to come visit and spend the night at the house. We cooked, sat at our backyard with the log lit up, telling stories and enjoying the cold breezy Saturday night. I knew why they came to visit and I appreciate that. I really felt the love and support from them. I consider myself very lucky.

It is October, so it means our birthdays and wedding anniversary are coming up. It is a very special month for us, and busy as well. I get to decorate for Halloween this year, and give out candies! I am very excited about that. We also get to see John Mulaney’s stand up comedy. We love, love that guy. Don’t know what we’ll do yet for our birthdays/anniversary, so we’ll see. A simple dinner will be good.

Hello October, here’s to a good month. Happy thoughts Mimay, happy thoughts.