Day 63: Hello from Pumpkin Pi!


Because it’s Halloween, I decided to dress up for work today — a pumpkin pi. It was so easy to create and I get to wear a t-shirt all day — comfort is a must for me. There were 2 or 3 people who got my costume and thought it was cool. There was one guy who called me Pumpkin Head and most of them found my pumpkin headband cute. Not the response I was hoping for but it’s ok. I dressed up for me.

Day 63 of taking my medication. I am doing a lot better and I haven’t had a seriously bad episode the whole month, except for that day when I had Monday anxiety. I coined that term “Monday anxiety” because it would be Mondays that I would feel anxious for some odd reason. I am still calling this month a win for me. YAAAAAAY! That’s 31 days of not feeling down or sad. It is a bit manageable at work, I am trying to stay busy with tasks and I don’t let anything else affect me. That’s all I can do right now and I am ok with that.

I cancelled my therapy sessions. I had 2 sessions and I believe that it was enough. I am doing a lot better with how I process my thoughts. If a thought comes up, I stop and figure out if this thought will make me feel sad or not. Is it relevant to what I am doing in that moment or is it a distraction. Once I’ve categorized my thought, I either take action or dismiss it. It sounds easy while I am typing it but no. In my head, I just picture different filters and my thought goes through every single one of them. This helps me a lot.

I have 4 more months that I have to take the medicine and I am really happy that I found the good mix of medication. I’m hoping that the next few months be good to me.