Day 77/78 – Back to normal-ish

I love planners and since 2017 is almost over, my annual quest for the best planner is on. I’ve tried bullet journaling a little over a year ago, but after a week, I went back to my normal planner. I didn’t know what to do with it then and lists, instead of writing paragraphs, didn’t appeal much to me.

That’s why, in my search for the 2018 planner, I bought a bullet journal from Barnes and Noble. Yup, it doesn’t make sense, lol. After watching Youtube videos and reading blogs about bullet journals, it decided to give it another try. I want to customize my planner for next year, that it can hold a little bit of both — lists and long emotional entries. My sister went to a planner party months ago and she gave me her swag bag from the event — stickers for days!

Last night, I started creating my 2018 planner. I finished January and my plan is to work on one month every night. I like the freedom that I have with regards to designing my planner. Makes me happy, knowing that I created my own planner. This activity makes me busy too, so I don’t have to think about anything else.

A few days ago, I told Robert that I feel like I am my normal self again. I am still taking my anti-depressant and anxiety medications, which I think helps a lot. I don’t feel anxious going to work anymore. Without realizing it, I also stopped talking about work/co-workers and how it makes me sad/mad/upset. I like it. I know this is supposed to be how I should feel everyday but that wasn’t the case. It is amazing how the things/feelings we take for granted are usually the ones that truly  makes us happy.

I am happy of my progress, one day at a time. I know the episodes might come back but I am going to focus and look forward to days like these. 🙂

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