Early Year in Review

With just 3 days until the end of 2017, I decided to make my year in review post. 2017 has been memorable for me and Robert. We became homeowners and went to visit Asia. We also got a rabbit and dog, as an addition to our growing family. Celebrated our birthdays and our 2nd year wedding anniversary. Spent time with our families, attended weddings, road trips, and experienced snow for the first time together. A lot of good things have happened and I am looking forward to what’s in store for in the coming year.

There were also not so good things that happened that made our relationship and bond stronger. I was diagnosed with acute hyperplasia and I started taking medication starting the beginning of the year. I was also diagnosed with depression and anxiety mid-year, which I wasn’t really expecting to happen. A lot of doctor visits, biopsies, crying, and frustration but we got through it. I am in my last days of taking my depression medicine and next month I am scheduled to see my family doctor, to see how I am doing. I stopped taking my hyperplasia medication last October and I am scheduled to see my doctor next month to do another biopsy. I just hope everything looks good.

2017 was a good and a bit rough year for me but all the good trumps the bad. I am really thankful and blessed just thinking about everything that happened.

I am looking forward to the new year, with my new journal in hand. I plan to write more, be more mindful and enjoy life. We have plans for the new year that I am hoping we can accomplish. We are ready for you, 2018!

Happy New Year everybody! Hope it’s a good one!

Merry Christmas!


I love the holidays because it means family time. I am lucky enough to have my family just 2 hours away, so we got to spend time with them for an early Christmas celebration.

We spent our Christmas Eve in our house and my in-laws had dinner with us, watched Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and gave gifts.

Robert and I gave gifts as well. Our gifts are (not) surprisingly enough, dog-themed.


Now that I am older, I really don’t care about gifts anymore. All I want is the company and stories that my family shares.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Hope it is a memorable one. 🙂

Day 112:

I can’t even think of a title for this post.

We have 2 1/2 work days left before the Christmas break and I am already checked out for the year. I don’t feel like working anymore, I’d rather stay at home and sleep. It doesn’t help that it has been gloomy and rainy this past few days – rainy, cuddle weather. It is already December 19th but I don’t feel the Christmas spirit here at work. I am very much into the spirit, I like decorating and giving people candy – I’ve done this every where I’ve worked and my co-workers did the same. But this year is different. Because of my current situation, I don’t want to give out candies to everybody except for those people that I am not talking to. And I do not want to give them anything either, just to make myself happy and fulfilled because I know I am doing it for the wrong reasons.

Yesterday, one of my co-workers asked me if I am going to enter the door decorating contest that we have here at work. I’ve thought about it, but the weekend came and I didn’t have anything prepared to decorate. I showed her my idea and she said that we can go to a craft store over lunch, so I can decorate. She’s going to decorate her door too and was looking for somebody to go with her to the store. So I went. It was very refreshing to finally have somebody that I can talk to about being craftsy and stuff. We spent a good hour, looking for what might work and I was very happy with my purchase. I was excited to decorate my door that I started doing it once we got back the office.

There’s one problem though. The girl I shared an office with is one of the girls that doesn’t like (for some reason). So I knew, going into this, that I will do the decorating by myself. I was totally fine with it. Last year, I shared a room with her and two other folks and I asked if they wanted to help me decorate our door. Long story short, I did all the decorating. I figured this year won’t be as different. I finished decorating yesterday. It made me happy for a bit, that I’ve accomplished something but that eventually faded away. When the girl saw the decorations, she didn’t say anything. How can you not notice a door covered with black paper with a red dot in the middle and words that say “Rudolph in the dark”? I got home, watched tv and when we were about to sleep, Robert asked me if there was anything that bothered me. So I told him my story.

Acceptance and being noticed. That’s all I’ve wanted. There I said it. This is why I’m feeling a little down today. If I can take off working starting tomorrow, I would. I texted Robert and he said to get to work and not think about anything else. I will try.

Almost Christmas break, I can’t wait.

Day 100: Ready for Christmas

It has been 100 days. I am thankful that I am better now than how I was 2-3 months ago. I have a good handle on my emotions (at least I try to) and I try to be more mindful of what is happening in the now and not worry about what can’t hurt me. I am happy with my progress.

I want this post to be positive and joyous since Christmas is coming near, here are pictures of my babies. Merry Christmas everypawdy!