They Finally Got Along during Feeding Time

Getting June last year was the best thing that we ever did. Being a puppy (she’s a year old), she is very playful and gets jealous when we give our other dogs attention. She loves cuddles and although she’s a big Labrador, she acts likes she’s a tiny dog, jumping on top of us, with no regards about our personal space. Our house is her playground and she loves it.

Getting a new dog has it’s disadvantages as well. Three different personalities, forced to co-exist with one another. Robert got Allie when she was 4 years old. She’s an angel.  She doesn’t bark, doesn’t act up. She’s pretty much chill. Then he got Carlie when she was 6 weeks old. Since we got her while she’s a puppy, Carlie and Allie began a mother-daughter relationship. They shared everything – cage, food and water bowl. They would sleep next to each other. Carlie was the perfect opposite of Allie and they complimented each other.

This dynamic changed when we got June.

June is a little more like Carlie, very playful, barks ALL THE TIME, but she follows Allie’s lead as well. I guess Allie just gives that relaxing vibe that all of our dogs got. But since they are still animals, they would fight about everything — and the problem that we’ve had since Day 1 is feeding time.

Before June, we would just leave food out for Allie and Carlie to eat. There’s no set feed time for them. They eat whenever they get hungry. Once we got June, I’ve imposed feeding time – one in the morning and one at night. Unlike Allie and Carlie, June would eat any food that’s in front of her. So if we leave a bowl out, she’ll finish it all. We didn’t want her to overeat, so I had to put up the bowls until feeding time. Then I noticed that June will get aggressive towards the other dogs when she eats. So I would leave her in her cage to eat and the other dogs will eat their food, where June can’t see them.

Once the other dogs are done eating, I will put their bowls up and let June out. This way June won’t eat the leftover food.

This has been our setup, until this morning.

This made me happy. Our dogs are eating together, in peace. They each have their own bowl, no fighting over food, no barking. I was about to leave for work but, since I am overly cautious, I decided to wait until they are done so I can put up their bowls and to make sure that nobody fought. I was surprised on how behaved our dogs are.

It took us 6 months before this happened. Baby steps. I don’t know if we can go back to leaving food out all day, but this is definitely a big change. Dog mom is happy. 🙂

PS. I am sharing this picture of Carlie because I love it. ❤


Day 180: I Showed Up!


Friday afternoon, I found out that our team lead is out next week. I remained calm but deep inside, I felt anxious that I will be left alone with my co-workers. But after a few minutes, I decided not to worry about it too much. It’s Friday, I have the weekend to look forward to. I’ll deal with the situation next week.

The weekend came and went. I did have a good weekend but I think I ate something bad that my stomach decided to rebel against me. Sunday night, while watching the closing ceremony, my tummy still hurting, my anxiety resurfaced. There’s no turning back, it’s either I got to work and deal with the situation or call in sick because of my stomach bug. I also thought about coming in late. The meeting is at 10 am, so I can just email everybody that I’ll be in after lunch. But I stopped my thoughts, and decided to deal with my fear. I took Pepto-Bismol and called it a night.

I woke up this morning, no more stomach ache. I got ready and drove to work while giving myself pep talk. I have nothing to be worried about. I know what I am working on. I can talk to them like a professional team member. It was a calm drive to work, while listening to Second Date Update.

I got to work, checked my email and wrote down the items that I have to talk about during our meeting. I am still a bit nervous but having a cheat sheet helped. Just be professional. Show that you respect them.

Meeting ended like a breeze. I am glad that I showed up, ready to face them. Ready to face my fear. I can hear this tiny voice inside my head – “See, you were worried about nothing”. Having anxiety and not able to control it, this is such a big deal for me. I could easily make up an excuse and avoid the whole ordeal but I am glad that I didn’t. I showed up, life.

I feel like a winner.

Image Credits to The Awkward Yeti.

My Life in Pictures: Vol. 2

Saturday: Drove to San Antonio this past weekend to visit family. Robert drove his new car, we knew where we were driving to, but decided to give Apple CarPlay a try. I’m going to be honest, I prefer Google Maps over Apple, but the CarPlay was seamless. He’s got leather seats too and dual air controls. I loved it and I actually felt a little jealous with his new car but I’ve decided to stick with my CR-V.


Had lunch at Culver’s. My brother is now the owner of Culver’s of San Antonio, so we decided to go visit and spend time with my family. So proud of what my brother accomplished. 🙂


I was Mamu for the day. I miss my nieces.

Got my Puma x Hello Kitty t-shirt and shoes. My birthday came early — 9 months early.


Sunday: They were giving away free balloons at HEB. Valentine’s passed but I can’t turn down a free balloon.


My brother moved to Austin for work. He’s been staying with us for almost a month now and yesterday, we went apartment hunting. He did get an apartment and I am so happy for him.

Tiring day. Time for a nap.

I decided to make another batch of french macarons — made Strawberry Cheesecake macarons. I have a lot to learn and I need to clean my oven.

Day 171: Bake Your Anxiety Away

I had a bad panic attack this morning while I was driving to work. It has been awhile since I’ve felt this. I felt frozen, I didn’t know what to do, I texted Robert and I told him that I can’t go to work. He called and I just started crying.

I have no control. I can’t seem to tell myself that everything is going to be ok. I ended up going home, I can’t deal with life today.

Instead of staying in bed, I decided to bake. I stopped by a grocery store on my way home and bought ingredients for french macarons. I’ve never made one so I figured this would be a good challenge for me today.

I love baking. I would bake for my family, and that brought me joy. I would make cupcakes, cookies and brownies. I would make a batch of free sugar cookies for me and Robert and that would satisfy our sweet tooth. I find baking relaxing and makes me forget about other things.


I made french macarons, it was a bit of a challenge but I’m happy with how these batch turned out. They might not be the prettiest but they definitely taste good.

I feel accomplished. I feel good about myself.

I should bake more often.

Day 170: My Support Group

Being diagnosed with depression and anxiety was all new to me. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t know where to even start so it was really helpful that I have my husband by my side as I go through this phase of my life.

Robert was the one who noticed that there’s something off. I am a very emotional person but when I started getting severe mood swings and sleeping too much, he was the one who raised the red flag. He knew what was going on with my work and he sees how it affected my mood and attitude.

He was there when I broke down one morning, before work. He was there to give me words of encouragement. He was with me when I went to our doctor, the day I got diagnosed with depression. He’s definitely my rock and I know I can depend on him. He would ask if I took my medicine. He asked how I was feeling and reassured me that everything is going to be ok.

After I was diagnosed, I told my parents. Depression was unheard of in my household when I was growing up. It’s either you have a fever or chicken pox – you go to the doctor, take some medicine and skip school to rest. When you are feeling down, you stop feeling sad. You do something fun. You pretty much mask your emotion until you forget about it. So when I told my parents that I have depression, for them it was something that I can brush off. My mom asked if I go to church regularly and if I pray. This is a typical response from a Catholic family. Pray to God and he will take care of your worries. I know my parents meant well. My mom knew that out of her 4 kids, I was the very fragile one. The emotional kid growing up. She said that she’ll pray for me.

Next, I told my siblings. This was very hard for me. Growing up, since I was the eldest sibling, I never showed weakness. I had to be the role model for my siblings. That’s what my parents expected of me. So when I had the talk with my brother and sister-in-law, they were both supportive but unsure of what they are hearing. How is it that I have depression. My life is stable – I have a house, a loving husband, and dogs who give unconditional love. They said that I can call them if I need somebody to talk to. They reminded me that I am able to get through this. A day after our conversation, they decided to visit me. They spent the weekend with us. That made my day.

Robert’s family welcomed me and my condition with open arms. They were the ones who reminded me that there’s nothing to be ashamed of because I have depression. Talking to them so openly about my situation, made me feel like I am not an outcast and that this does not change who I am as a person.

Having a strong support system made me feel that I am not alone during this time. I have a couple of friends from work who knows about my situation and they very kind and understanding as well. Words of encouragement. Robert is there for me when I relapse. People who won’t judge me for what I am going through but help me get better. This is very important for somebody who is experiencing such a difficult time.

This post was inspired by Buzzfeed’s How to Help Your Partner If They Have A Mental Illness