My Own Space

When we got our house, I told Robert that one of the rooms will be turned to our office. We both agreed that the room in the front would be the ideal space. So as soon as we moved into our house, we bought a (dining) table from IKEA to serve as our office table. I like the look and colour of it.

Since the office is in the front part of our house, we don’t get to use it as much. We usually use our dining table (the real one), since we like to talk to each other while we are doing our work. So our table serves as our work table, with lots of junk and where we eat dinner. Our office served as a storage room that we rarely use.

For weeks now, my Mac has been having problems connecting to the internet through wifi. Some days I would get lucky and get a connection but most of the time, I would use my phone as a hotspot if I need to use my laptop. It has been a pain as of late so I decided to buy an ethernet cable and finally use our office.

The next day, I went to Target to buy some desk accessories. That same night, I started organizing my office — I said mine because Robert doesn’t want to use the room. This meant that I can put whatever I want and design however I want my office to look like.





I finished cleaning up today. And I am writing this blog post here in my office. It feels good to have my own space. My own space where I can personalize and put a lot of Hello Kitty and cute decors. I still need to organize my bills and letters but that could be done another day.

I can read books here too. I can listen to music. I can write more. My space where I can gather my thoughts. I’m digging this. Now, where can I find a floating bookshelf?