My Life in Pictures: Vol. 2

Saturday: Drove to San Antonio this past weekend to visit family. Robert drove his new car, we knew where we were driving to, but decided to give Apple CarPlay a try. I’m going to be honest, I prefer Google Maps over Apple, but the CarPlay was seamless. He’s got leather seats too and dual air controls. I loved it and I actually felt a little jealous with his new car but I’ve decided to stick with my CR-V.


Had lunch at Culver’s. My brother is now the owner of Culver’s of San Antonio, so we decided to go visit and spend time with my family. So proud of what my brother accomplished. 🙂


I was Mamu for the day. I miss my nieces.

Got my Puma x Hello Kitty t-shirt and shoes. My birthday came early — 9 months early.


Sunday: They were giving away free balloons at HEB. Valentine’s passed but I can’t turn down a free balloon.


My brother moved to Austin for work. He’s been staying with us for almost a month now and yesterday, we went apartment hunting. He did get an apartment and I am so happy for him.

Tiring day. Time for a nap.

I decided to make another batch of french macarons — made Strawberry Cheesecake macarons. I have a lot to learn and I need to clean my oven.