They Finally Got Along during Feeding Time

Getting June last year was the best thing that we ever did. Being a puppy (she’s a year old), she is very playful and gets jealous when we give our other dogs attention. She loves cuddles and although she’s a big Labrador, she acts likes she’s a tiny dog, jumping on top of us, with no regards about our personal space. Our house is her playground and she loves it.

Getting a new dog has it’s disadvantages as well. Three different personalities, forced to co-exist with one another. Robert got Allie when she was 4 years old. She’s an angel.  She doesn’t bark, doesn’t act up. She’s pretty much chill. Then he got Carlie when she was 6 weeks old. Since we got her while she’s a puppy, Carlie and Allie began a mother-daughter relationship. They shared everything – cage, food and water bowl. They would sleep next to each other. Carlie was the perfect opposite of Allie and they complimented each other.

This dynamic changed when we got June.

June is a little more like Carlie, very playful, barks ALL THE TIME, but she follows Allie’s lead as well. I guess Allie just gives that relaxing vibe that all of our dogs got. But since they are still animals, they would fight about everything — and the problem that we’ve had since Day 1 is feeding time.

Before June, we would just leave food out for Allie and Carlie to eat. There’s no set feed time for them. They eat whenever they get hungry. Once we got June, I’ve imposed feeding time – one in the morning and one at night. Unlike Allie and Carlie, June would eat any food that’s in front of her. So if we leave a bowl out, she’ll finish it all. We didn’t want her to overeat, so I had to put up the bowls until feeding time. Then I noticed that June will get aggressive towards the other dogs when she eats. So I would leave her in her cage to eat and the other dogs will eat their food, where June can’t see them.

Once the other dogs are done eating, I will put their bowls up and let June out. This way June won’t eat the leftover food.

This has been our setup, until this morning.

This made me happy. Our dogs are eating together, in peace. They each have their own bowl, no fighting over food, no barking. I was about to leave for work but, since I am overly cautious, I decided to wait until they are done so I can put up their bowls and to make sure that nobody fought. I was surprised on how behaved our dogs are.

It took us 6 months before this happened. Baby steps. I don’t know if we can go back to leaving food out all day, but this is definitely a big change. Dog mom is happy. 🙂

PS. I am sharing this picture of Carlie because I love it. ❤