Mimay says bye

I am giving up. 

I can’t continue with the 100 happy days post. I can’t be happy everyday, it is just not possible. I know I have too many things to be happy about, but I am allowing myself to feel the pain too. And if I keep on posting happy posts, it is like I am cheating on myself. Day 51, not bad, I made it half way.

I got tired of my Project 365 too. 104 days, 104 songs, it was a good run. 

I feel like a rock right now, strong and you can step on it but it won’t feel anything; I am not feeling anything at all. I would care and then dismiss the feeling like nothing happened. This is not me. I’ve been hurt and is still hurting while everybody around me is doing fine. I can’t do this anymore. 

The only solution would be to detach.